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Jeri O’Hara is an accredited Class “A” LPGA Teaching professional and Neuro Linguistic Practitioner. 

I’ve been playing golf for over 20 years but my game was getting stale, I wasn’t playing well on a consistent basis and I was ready to quit golf.  I decided to take some lessons from Jeri to see if I could get my game back on track.  And what a difference!  Jeri has really helped me, especially with my swing.  I am consistently hitting the ball better and making it much easier on my body.  She really knows how to pinpoint the problem and gives just the right amount of instructions. I no longer want to quit the game.  I would not hesitate to recommend Jeri for golf lessons for any rank of golfer.
Maureen Collins

Since I started working with Jeri, I have taken my game to a new level.  I have never hit the ball better.   She is fun professional, and extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of playing better.  Truly a great golf coach.  She goes way beyond just the swing and has a great approach to both the mental game and the development of a healthy, winning attitude.   I plan to work with Jeri for a long time and I highly recommend her for all levels of player.
Perri Domm (The Goodbye Graffiti Group)

Not only has Jeri been able to fix numerous errors in my grip and my swing, but she has also been able to change my mental approach to golf.  I am in awe of her ability to tweak the smallest changes to make the biggest impacts.  I am so excited to start the summer golf season with new skills and a new attitude!  I highly recommend Jeri for any type of golf instruction,  She is the best! Thank you Jeri!
JoAnn Harrington

I just had to write to say thank you and let you know how much I appreciate you.

You will recall I phoned you, feeling awkward and anxious, because I had said yes to a charity golf tournament…then I panicked because I hadn’t held a golf club in my hands for over 25 years (even then it was a par 3 fun course).   Now, with one week to go, I was facing 18 holes with real golfers!

You welcomed me to a first lesson, and told me that not only would I be able to do it, but I would also have fun too.\\With the first lesson, you made me feel confident, comfortable and reassured that it was going to be a great experience.  And, it was!   Not only did my shots (for the most part) go straight, I did not hurt anyone.  I chose the right clubs AND, best of all, I won the prize of KP on one of the prize holes.

I am totally hooked now (pardon the pun) and have enjoyed one 9-hole round of “sundowner” at Northlands with my teenage son and a few more group lessons with you and some other wonderful women.  Every time I get to work with you, I learn wonderful new tips, pointers, and real techniques which improve my swing, my drive, and my “fun quotient” every time!

I am a very happy “new golfer” and look forward to the Spring golf season, game and tournament opportunities.

Thank you so much, Jeri

Ruth Hanson
Sotheby’s International Realty Canada

In April of 2023 I finally began taking golf lessons and Jerri O’Hara came highly recommended by a couple of different friends.

During the first lesson, Jerri asked us why we decided to take lessons and to consider goals for ourselves. After years, yup years, of friends taking me for lessons and giving up on me, I arrived not knowing if I was left or right handed, and while I could occasionally make contact with the ball at driving ranges, everyone got out of the way. I was told, “Lia, you need to go to a pro”.

My goal was to figure out if I was truly a lefty and more importantly to make contact each time I hit the ball. With Jerri, this achievement took just one lesson. Jerri breaks lessons down into very small sections  and most importantly allows you to practice and master them before moving on. Jerri is on hand to watch and provides appropriate feedback for each participant, making each person feel relevant, regardless of skill level. I also loved watching my new friends improve quickly, as well, in just a short time.

Jerri is highly knowledgeable, demonstrates professionalism and skill. She is personable, happy, easy going and extremely patient. Jerri’s experience teaching is vast and regardless of skill level, Jerri has simple tips and feedback to improve any shot.

Please know that I only met Jerri this April and I am truly a fan. I have had nine lessons to date and feel motivated enough after each lesson, to practice at the driving range between lessons, and recently began to apply my skills on the course.

Since my family and friends all golf, I now feel confident to golf with them (yes they are now patient with me as I continue to learn) and while it will take time for me improve, I have enough skills to get started. Thank you Jerri for making golf lessons fun and for encouraging my motivation to learn and play.
Lia Cove

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