Jeri O'Hara Golf Academy

Group Golf Lessons



To register, call Jeri at 604-729-6036 or email [email protected]

Clinics will be held at Birdies and Buckets Family Golf Centre
Wednesdays or Thursdays 6:00-7:00pm
Please add GST to the prices below

Beginner Full Swing: $165

Join Jeri O’Hara in a fun class where you will be inspired to get yourself ready for Playing Golf. Review of the basics and individual attention are provided in SMALL GROUPS (4 – 6). Clubs can be provided if necessary.

  • LESSON I: – Introduction: the swing, the clubs.
  • LESSON II: The swing - using irons (shorter shots) and how to make the ball go straight
  • LESSON III: The swing - using Woods and Hybrids – get more distance
  • LESSON IV: Putting it all Together

When you join Jeri O’Hara for your golf lessons, you can expect the following:

  • Small groups (4 – 6)
  • Clubs to use if necessary
  • Individual attention based on :
    • Your physical condition (prev. injuries, surgeries, fitness level)
    • Your learning style/preference (how you learn best)
    • YOU and your needs and abilities (vs. a cookie-cutter model approach)
  • Drills and exercises for you to practise
  • An explanation of what is required to be successful at golf (making the most of what you have)
  • To have a lot of fun
  • To meet other like minded golfers

You will receive coaching on:

  • Club options
  • How each club is used in the game & choices you can make (irons, woods, hybrids)
  • Pre-shot set-up for success
  • How to get more distance
  • How to make the ball travel in the direction you want
  • How to consistently get the ball “up in the air”
  • Different swings for different situations
  • Where to go golfing and what to expect
  • How to have fun at golf (including playing with partners)
  • How to transfer what you learn on the range to using it on the course

Take Your Approach to the Next Level!

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