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Exciting Fall News

As you may be aware, the Takaya Golf Centre will be closing permanently on September 29th, 2023.
It is bittersweet to share this news.
This very special place has been where I have been incredibly fortunate enough to spend countless hours teaching, helping and sharing in the joys of this game with individuals like you.

However, there is still time to get your game in shape!

To ensure that you complete your lessons before the closing date, or to book a new lesson(s), please be sure to make an appointment with me as soon as possible.

At this time, there are scheduled 4-week classes for Beginners and for those wishing to refresh their skills.
The start dates for these sessions are Tues. Aug. 29th and Thurs. September 7th.

Drop in classes will continue on Thursdays at noon and Saturdays at 9am. These will continue through Sept. 28th.

The sun may be setting on Takaya, but the game is still very much alive.
My journey with golf is more than just a profession. It is a potpourri of relationships I’ve forged, the moments of triumph and even the curveballs (pun intended) – all have a special place in my heart. And you, as a student and friend, are the core of all of this.

The horizon ahead is promising. I am not saying goodbye to my golfing journey. There are plans in motion and I cannot wait to share the next chapter with you.

Please stand by because I have some exhilarating news to announce about my endeavours moving forward. These plans will be shared with you in the next newsletter.

Also, my website will have updates as to current and future opportunities.

Thank you for being an integral part of this continuing journey.

Jeri O’Hara
Class ‘A’ LPGA Instructor 

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