with Jeri O’Hara, LPGA, Class ‘A’

northlands(Intended for golfers who have played golf and are wishing to improve their playing skills and strategy on the golf course)

As “playing” golf is very different from what occurs on the Driving Range, these playing lessons have been designed to observe your shots and decision making on the golf course followed-up by an assessment which takes place shortly after the lesson.

The time you are with Jeri on the course promises to be fun and non-threatening, as well as being informative.

A follow-up session is a most important component.   It is included in the cost and consists of a summary and assessment of your game  with recommendations and a plan for improvement which will encompass all aspects of  you “playing” golf.  (Technical, Mental, Course Management, Social, Physical Fitness, etc.)

The value of this format is that the components of your game which need most improvement are observed and you will be provided with comprehensive recommendations with which to move forward.

Playing lessons can be 4, 9 or 18 holes and can be on an individual basis or with up to 3 other people.


4 Holes
One Person:  $100.00
Two People:  $75.00 ea.
Three People:  $50.00 ea.
Four People:  $37.50 ea
9 Holes
One Person:  $275.00
Two People:  $137.50 ea.
Three People:  $91.67 ea.
Four People:  $68.75 ea

Lessons to be conducted at Northlands Golf Course, North Vancouver
Please add GST to above prices.
Greenfees extra.


Jeri O’Hara, Class “A” LPGA
Takaya Golf Centre (700 Apex Way N. Van)